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Dark Energies

by Ann K. Schwader

112 pages
Trade Paperback

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Schwader’s latest collection! Dark Energies released! Dark Energies is the powerful latest collection by American poet, Ann K. Schwader. New and hard-to-procure collected poems expand the vista of her artistic vision. These poems explore human plight in a dark cosmos and pitch historical, contemporary and futuristic observations in spellbinding metrical forms. As with all memorable poetry, t... [Read more]

Authors, Editors & Illustrators

Kyla Lee Ward

Kyla Lee Ward (b. 1969) is an Australian writer, actor and artist devoted
to all things dark and beautiful. Her poetry has previously appeared in
Midnight Echo, Bloodsongs, Abaddon, and Gothic.Net, as well as in live
performances. Her novel Prismatic (co-authored as “Edwina Grey”) won the
2007 Aurealis Award for Best Horror, and her short fiction has appeared in
the likes of Ticonderoga Online, Shadowed Realms, Borderlands, and Macabre:
A Journey into Australia’s Worst Fears
. She co-edited seven issues of Tabula
magazine, and two of her scripts have been performed on stage by the
Theatre of Blood repertory company.

Website: www.tabula-rasa.info/