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November 2011 News


Great modern Australian poets Geoffrey Lehmann and Robert Gray presented an inspired and passionate talk at the Sydney Institute on 8 November 2011 in Sydney. This talk had the title "Are Australians Better at Poetry than Sport?" and centred on the landmark poetry volume they have edited: Australian Poetry Since 1788 published by UNSW. The talk can be heard in full on podcast link: and the book itself is nearly twelve hundred pages of poems!


Christmas present, Christmas thought, Not a pheasant But a book I bought! Lovers of poetry why not give your beloved Bad Dreams? Well, the book, not actual dreams, I meant. Note not one but two red hot new reviews for The Land of Bad Dreams by Kyla Lee Ward. They are by Kenneth Faig, Jr, and Sheila Merritt, and can be found when you click on the book cover on this website, then scroll down. Added to this, here is a link that takes you to Bad Dreams performance and website, performances of the poems from the book launch: artistry in motion!

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