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Lovers of weird fiction and poetry could do no better than take a hike to Australia's national capital, Canberra, on the long weekend, 30th September to 3rd October 2011, for science fiction and fantasy convention Conflux 7 Venue is the Quality Hotel Woden, Corner Melrose Drive and Launceston Road, Phillip ACT 2606. Phone: (02) 6281 7733.

Fans of P'rea Press, its authors, illustrators and designers note these program items:


Sunday 2 October, 10am in the Melrose Room

"Lovecraft Lives! The Increasing Stature and Popularity of H. P. Lovecraft" Panel

HP Lovecraft's popularity and fascination continue to expand in book, film, music, art, game, internet, convention, university, worldwide. Panellists: Leigh Blackmore, Andrew McKiernan and Charles (Danny) Lovecraft (moderator).


Sunday 2 October, 11am in the Melrose Room

Speculative Poetry Panel

Wikipedia notes that speculative poetry is defined by subject matter and not by form. Come and hear more about unique and different types of speculative poetry. Panellists: Penelope Cottier, Val Toh and Charles Lovecraft (moderator).


Sunday 2 October, 12:30pm in the Launceston Room

Incantations Panel

"one ring to rule them all ...", "When the Dark comes rising ...", "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu ... " Just what is this poetry doing in your fantasy, and what does it say about the validity and persistence of the form? Panellists: Leigh Blackmore, Margi Curtis, Charles Lovecraft and Kyla Lee Ward (moderator).


Leigh Blackmore's Spores from Sharnoth and Kyla Lee Ward's The Land of Bad Dreams can be purchased and signed by the authors at the Mass Book Signing, 3:30pm on Saturday 1 October.   



P'rea Press is proud to announce its latest offering: Kyla Lee Ward's first collection of dark fantasy verse and prose vignettes to be launched 27 Sep 2011. For invitation see Ward's Tabula Rasa website:

In The Land of Bad Dreams, are discovered valuable truths and dark poetry revealing a beauty inaccessible both to reason and to daylight. Praised by the US Rhysling Poet 2010, Ann Schwader, as "a rich, eccentric miscellany ... skilfully crafted and strangely wrought," the twenty-two poems and three prose vignettes showcased here display Ward’s mastery of contemporary and traditional poetic forms, and her rare consciousness of fantasy, ancient, medieval, gothic and current dark themes.

Editorial direction by Charles Lovecraft achieves high quality presentation with an Introduction, Interview with Ward, Alphabetical List of Titles, Index of First Lines, Glossary and Selected Bibliography of the poet.

Ward’s fourteen atmospheric illustrations and brilliant cover art, with cover design by David Schembri Studios, and book design by Milwaukee’s David E. Schultz confirm this as a collector’s piece. 


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