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P’rea Press is extremely proud to announce the launch of Avatars of Wizardry: Poetry Inspired by George Sterling’s “A Wine of Wizardry” and Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Hashish-Eater.” This work, the product of over 108 years of intense poetic beauty and strangeness, brings to fruition a unique anthology and sequence of long imaginative poems, narcotic in their essence and vistas, and red-coloured in their fever pitch. It is the very first time these two tremendous American poets have been published in Australia. It is also one of the few rare times their Titan twin towers of song have been published together in the same book. This is a twofold cause for great celebration!

And yet there are nine further reasons to celebrate. They are joined by a stellar crew of modern poetic masters of the uncanny in the form of: SFPA Grand Master Bruce Boston, Grand Master nominated Richard L. Tierney, Alan Gullette, Michael Fantina, Wade German, Australians Leigh Blackmore, Earl Livings, Kyla Lee Ward, and S. T. Joshi, who provides a brilliant Foreword. The new, featured book, published November 2012, is made available in paperback and ebook from the publisher, and bookstores and ebookstores around the world. May the prophecy of Avatars evolve your stepping-stones to light!