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The Macabre Modern

and Other Morbidities

by Kyla Lee Ward

156 pages
Trade Paperback

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A contemporary re-envisioning of the medieval “The Dance of Death” theme (fourteenth-century), written for the twenty-first century onward. Fantastic, imaginative poetry written and illustrated by award-winning poet, author, artist, playwright, performer Kyla Lee Ward. Her poem “Revenants of the Antipodes” (in this collection) won the AHWA Australian Shadows Award for poetry 2018. ... [Read more]

About Us

P'rea Press is devoted to weird, fantastic, and supernatural poetry and non-fiction, and pays its authors.

It is an Australian small press publisher that commenced operation in 2007 in response to a perception that poetry in this field is neglected and little published.

P'rea Press publishes poets and works of international origin and interest, as well as seeking to promote Australian fantasy, supernatural, speculative, and imaginative poetry.

P'rea is particularly interested in publishing traditional poetry forms with a strong metrical leaning. Keep this in mind as you decide. You could ask for samplers of previous P'rea publications. "Submission Guidelines" are presented below.

Prospective poets may send an enquiry via the Contact Us page, with an outline of their work and a short sample (say, 40-50 lines or 10 poems). Subsequent electronic submission will then be made.
Enquiries and contact are very welcome and much appreciated, and will be looked at in as timely a fashion as possible.

P'rea Press uses print-on-demand for its printing but is not a print-on-demand publisher. This printing method is used solely to improve international postage prices for the customer. Other than that, each published work is prepared in conjunction with the author to the highest editorial and professional standards.

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Submission Guidelines

P'rea Press is always looking for weird, fantastic, supernatural, and science fictional poetry written in traditional metre. All different metrical forms will be looked at. Free verse will not be looked at, other than the odd minor inclusion of it in a metrical manuscript.
"Metre" ("Meter") is the traditional poetry form as used by poets for hundreds of years. "Metrical" is the adjective of "metre" and means the use of accented rhythmical forms of verse with lines of equal syllable count, repeated throughout a work. Three examples are, the sonnet, the ballad, and dramatic blank verse. English, Italian, French, Japanese, and other traditional poetry forms are all welcome.
So send P'rea Press a brief email of enquiry and outline of the proposed work through the "Contact Us" link first. A reply will then be made for electronic sending of attached file.

Submitted files need to be plainly formatted with double spacing in Microsoft Word and contain the writer's name and email address for correspondence.
                               Good reading and writing to all prospective submitters!