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The Macabre Modern

and Other Morbidities

by Kyla Lee Ward

156 pages
Trade Paperback

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A contemporary re-envisioning of the medieval “The Dance of Death” theme (fourteenth-century), written for the twenty-first century onward. Fantastic, imaginative poetry written and illustrated by award-winning poet, author, artist, playwright, performer Kyla Lee Ward. Her poem “Revenants of the Antipodes” (in this collection) won the AHWA Australian Shadows Award for poetry 2018. ... [Read more]

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Kyla Lee Ward has won the Australasian Shadows Award for non-fiction (AHWA) with her essay "The Danse Macabre" (2019), the Shadows Award for poetry with "Revenants of the Antipodes" (2018), and won third in the SFPA Rhysling Award Long Poem category with her "The Macabre Modern" (2020). The three works are in her P'rea book The Macabre Modern (featured). Previously, Wade German achieved third in the Rhysling Award for "The Necromantic Wine" (in Avatars of Wizardry, 2012), and Ann Schwader tied for first place with "Keziah" (from Dark Energies), in the same award (2016). P'rea Press must be doing something right. My congratulations go to Kyla for her awards, and to all who make P'rea books. Thank you David Schultz, David Schembri, Gavin O'Keefe, Andrew McKiernan, S. T. Joshi, and of course the authors!!!

The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities arrives!

P'rea Press proudly announces the publication of the poetry collection The Macabre Modern and Other Morbidities by Kyla Lee Ward. It is available right now! Simply click on the featured "Available Now" book cover on the Home Page and choose from either hardcover or paperback. As with her first volume, The Land of Bad Dreams, The Macabre Modern is lavishly illustrated by the author.

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