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P’rea Press is sad to report that Richard L. Tierney has passed away. Richard was 85 years of age and a brilliant Lovecraftian and weird fiction author, poet, and thinker. The creator of Simon of Gitta and John Taggart has perhaps gone to Kadath or Zarr (but naturally that depends on which place he has made up his mind to visit!) He is missed, both in his person and in his new travels. Richard had taken up the mantle of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith (his three most favourite authors) into the twenty-first century, and his writing forged a unique continuity of great, exciting literature of fantasy and the supernatural. A genteel and gentlemanly guy, he accomplished much in his lifetime, and his writing and personality will live on. He remains a true Lovecraftian and a fascinating and powerful sword-and-sorcerer!